The International

Fish Short Story Competition


'The Griffin' is short listed.

Marlena remembers the day she discovered what happened to her missing mother.

March 2015

Times Educational Supplement

'The Inspector Calls'

The one and only short story published by the Times Educational supplement.

Set in the future when every day lives will be controlled by OFSTED-type inspectors judging and grading us on everything we do. 

Over the years, apart from novels, I've had poems, short stories and articles published. Here are a few available to read.

Ink Tears Short Story Competition

 'A Renovated Marriage'

Long listed for the Ink Tears Short Story Competition, March 2014  

What happens when Marcus attempts to leave his wife for his mistress only to discover that his wife is not the person he thought she was.

The International Aeon

Short Story Award 2016

Short Listed in November 2016, result 2017.  

'The Accelerated Completion Programme'

For Ireland's No 1 Fantasy Fiction Magazine, Albedo 1

A dystopia story about a time when the young have the right to bump off their older relatives for in order to free-up cash.

The Times

'On the Other Side'

An article about my experience being on the other side of the table at parents' evening.


​​Ruby Soames