​​Ruby Soames

Though a descendant of Nell Gwynne, I don’t eat oranges. I was born in Chelsea to an American-Irish mother who was a fashion model and a British father, Richard Soames. At the age of seven my parents' turbulent and unhappy marriage ended. I started my education at the Lycée in South Kensington, from where I was urged to leave. I was then  incarcerated in a girls’ full-boarding school in Sussex where I was expelled at fifteen. With no qualifications, I tried to get by as a cleaner, model, painter 'n' decorator and life insurance sales rep. Bad years.
In 1985 my brother who was living in Oxford had a serious road accident. I moved near him and took some A'Levels to give me something to do. The peace of the environment, the books I read and my desire to write propelled me to take the exams and apply to study Literature and Theology at Bristol University. Completing that, I took up post-graduate studies in English Literature at London University and, feeling let down by mainstream education, decided to be a teacher. I did my PGCE at the Institute of Education , University of London, and taught English for many years in inner-city comprehensives in London.  I am now a University Lecturer on Sociology in  Education at an American university in Aix-en-Provence. A few years ago I completed a MA in Creative Writing at Manchester Metropolitan University. I currently doing a MSc in Psychology at the University of Liverpool.
Jon Bryant, travel writer/journalist, and I moved to the Southof France in 2002 with our baby daughter. I was lured by the light, fairer educational system and wanting to live on holiday because I can’t take the hassle and expense of going on one. At the end of our first year there, I had my son, Edison, brother to Bluebell.
When I finished Seven Days, I was sure there were people who appreciated intelligent but fast moving books, if only I could get to them. Through my MA program I heard about the Hookline & Thinker Novel Competition where novels are judged by reading groups all over the UK. I submitted my synopsis and three chapters in January 2010. After three months I was in the Top 5 and inivited to submit the rest of the novel. After nearly a year, the process was completed and my novel was voted Hookline Books' Favourite! 

Mother, Fathers & Lovers is also about love, all aspects of love. We follow Sarah to the island of Barbados where she confronts the father who abandoned her and finds herself face to face with her superstar ex-boyfriend.

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