June 2015 EasyJet In-flight Magazine

​​​Ruby Soames

Though a descendant of Nell Gwynne, I don’t eat oranges.

Born in Chelsea to an American-Irish fashion-model and film financier, Richard Soames,  I went to the  Lycée in South Kensington before being incarcerated at a girls’ boarding school until  expelled at fifteen. With no qualifications, I got by as a cleaner, model, painter 'n' decorator and life insurance sales rep. Bad years.
I studied Literature and Theology at Bristol University and, feeling let down by mainstream education, did a PGCE at the IOE, University of London. After teaching  in inner-city comprehensives in London,  I'm now a University Lecturer on Sociology in  Education at an American university in Aix-en-Provence. A few years ago, I completed a MA in Creative Writing at Manchester Metropolitan University. In 2019, I completed a MSc in Psychology at the University of Liverpool.
Jon Bryant, travel writer/journalist, and I moved to the Southof France in 2002 with our baby daughter.  At the end of our first year there, I had my son, Edison, brother to Bluebell.
I'm always writing - short stories, articles, scripts and novels.